Bullit Hunt S

Story of the Bullit Hunt S

Quick Specs

  • 4-stroke air cooled 125cc @ 11.5HP
  • 5 speed
  • 295mm front disc brake / 205mm rear brake disc
  • USD ( Upside Down ) forks
  • Twin rear shocks
  • Country of origin - Belgium/China

Bullit Hunt S - About

It uses the same suzuki based engine as other manufacturers ( Lexmoto, Sinnis etc ), which means parts are easy to come by and cheap. For servicing, the oil filter is the same as used on a GN125 ( less than £5 ). Overall its a nice looking bike thats cheap to run and maintain.


A few things to look out for if you purchase one of these bikes!

  1. Kill switch - Even with the kill switch enabled, the engine will still try to turn over. This can be a bit confusing for a learner.
  2. Side stand switch - With the stand down, the bike will turn over but will not fire. As above, can be a bit confusing for a learner.
  3. Heat from the exhaust - Due to the way the exhaust is routed ( um.. down and straight! ), its too close to the riders right leg, resulting in burnt/melted trousers! Exhaust wrap is highly recommended ( or stop with your right foot on the peg ).


Our little Hunt S came with a few teething issues. A leaking fuel tap gasket which was sorted by fitting a thicker gasket and a slight issue with the idle jet, which caused the bike to stall when idling. Both issues were sorted out under warrenty.

Lost numberplate bolt! Fixed by replacing the bolt and using a locking nut.

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